Use of AAOS Membership Logo

Use of AAOS Membership Logo

AAOS SupervisorsSupervisor Trainers and Recognised Supervisor Training Program members are eligible to use the AAOS Member Logo on business cards, websites and advertising materials, whilst strictly following the below guidelines.

The AAOS Member Logo intended use is to confirm association membership. The Logo must not be used to state or imply AAOS endorsement of website or workshop content, professional materials and/or business. Recognised Supervisor Training Program members may state: ‘Supervision Training Program recognised by AAOS.

The logo is provided in standard jpeg format, free of charge to those members who meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a current financial member of AAOS
  • Must not have fees or documents outstanding
  • Must not be in the process of being investigated for unethical conduct by any professional association to which the member subscribes

Eligible members will use the AAOS Member Logo in good faith. Upon ceasing to be a financial member of the association, the AAOS Member Logo must be removed from any hard copy or electronic media and may no longer be used in any communications and/or materials.

The AAOS Member logo may only be adjusted in size ratio, without altering overall dimensions. No other adjustments or colour alterations may be made.

Any member who misuses the logo is subject to disciplinary action by AAOS. Actions which may be taken include, but are not limited to:

  • Modification of logo placement and/or application
  • Removal of the logo from all sources/materials
  • Destruction of materials which have misused the AAOS Member Logo and/or
  • AAOS membership may be suspended or cancelled

Current and new Supervisors/Supervisor Trainers and Rocognised Supervisor Training Program members will receive an individual invitation to participate in this initiative. When you receive your individual invitation email, we suggest you save this resource if you do not wish to exercise this option straight away. This dedicated email is the only means by which you can obtain the logo.

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We acknowledge First Nations Peoples across the many lands where our members engage in supervision. We respect their deep enduring connection to Country and culture, and honour their Elders past, present and emerging.