About Us

About Us

The AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision) is the Australasian association at the forefront of developing educational and ethical standards for supervision in the professions of counselling, psychotherapy, pastoral practice, psychology, coaching, social work and related disciplines.

AAOS supports the continued professional development of supervisors by sourcing experts from the various disciplines to assist practitioners in the ongoing enhancement of their skills.

AAOS recognises trainers and training institutes that deliver the level of supervisor training required for graduates to meet the criteria for Associate or Supervisor membership of the Association
AAOS is a not-for-profit association, incorporated in NSW.

Our History

AAOS began as an association called ASCCANZ (Association for Supervision, Coaching and Consultancy in Australia & New Zealand) founded in 2002 by Servaas van Beekum.

At a time when there was no peak body in Australia supporting Supervision as a profession, Servaas van Beekum identified a need. With others Servaas created the Association for Supervision, Coaching and Consultancy in Australia and New Zealand (ASCCANZ).

During this period the Association attracted members from across the various professions of coaching, consultancy as well as supervision. Members had a common interest in furthering their understanding of Supervision.

In 2006, the ASCCANZ Board engaged an external independent consultant to undertake a strategic review of the Association. The review report strongly suggested the Association focussed on one aspect namely “Supervision”. Board decided that a full restructure and refocus of the Association was necessary.

Through a process of consultation with members, the Board worked to reposition the Association. This process culminated in a vote during the 2010 AGM where the membership voted to change the name of the Association from ASCCANZ to AOS (Association of Supervision) which later became AAOS (Australasian Association of Supervision).

Since that time the Board has focussed on membership to be inclusive of supervisors who meet the criteria, and are interested in pursuing and understanding more about supervision.

Aims & Objectives

The Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) aims to support the development of Supervision amongst and across the professions of counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, coaching, social work and other related professions.

AAOS seeks to promote a broader understanding of Supervision and provide support for practitioners to obtain professional development in the field of Supervision.

AAOS seeks to enhance the quality of supervision amongst the various professions.

AAOS has developed specific criteria to support training of supervisors and recognises supervision training courses and programs that meet these criteria.


AAOS fosters a commitment to values-driven professional supervision practice. AAOS offers a set of values, guiding principles and professional standards for the supervision profession. A Professional Conduct procedure outlines the steps for the handling of any professional complaints.


AAOS Board

Your AAOS Board as of November 2023:

President: Susan Marcuccio
Vice President: Geoff Broughton
Treasurer: Rob Carroll
Secretary: Sarah Balogh
Membership Chair: Jan Reeves
CTS – Training Standards: Dinah Eades Buchannan
CPD Coordinator: John Capper
Board Member: John Collins
Board Member: Joan Wright Howie
Board Member: Len Firth

We acknowledge First Nations Peoples across the many lands where our members engage in supervision. We respect their deep enduring connection to Country and culture, and honour their Elders past, present and emerging.